Rent a SPOT The world's first satellite messenger!

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2012 Rates*

Daily Rate - $15
7 Days - $85
14 Days - $125
30 Days - $180

SPOT is a device that uses the GPS satellite network to acquire your current latitude and longitude coordinates, and then sends its location with a link to Google Maps that can be viewed by your designated friends and family. Spot can also send a pre-programmed message via a commercial satellite network to any email or text message recipient you setup before you leave. SPOT can identify and relay your location and programmed messages from virtually anywhere in the world.

SPOT has 4 distinct features:

"Check in" messages are sent to a list of SMS and email contacts at any time of your choosing.

"Track progress" SPOT can automatically send position updates every ten minutes that can be viewed on a map through any Web browser.

"Help" User's can send a message for less than life-threatening situations to a second list of SMS and email contacts, perhaps requesting your assistance.

"911" When remote situations become life threatening the SPOT 911 feature can contact an Emergency Response Center. Once a distress message is activated on Spot, emergency responders are notified which may include local police, provincial police, SAR, or other emergency response or search and rescue teams - as well as notifying your emergency contact person(s) about the receipt of a distress signal.

Once rented, we'll setup the unit to your specifications with all of your messages and contact list. This process doesn't take long! You will also receive a 'User Guide' and access information that can be provided to friends and family.

Please consider the following before renting SPOT:

Since it works off of satellite signals, reception and transmission can be affected by terrain, overhead coverage, and the then-location of satellites - fall in a mine or cave, for example, and SPOT probably won't be much help. It will keep trying however. SPOT will not protect you from risky or irresponsible choices.

It runs off of (2) AA lithium batteries, which are NOT supplied. In spite of the unit having impressive longevity, we recommend that you purchase a quantity of batteries appropriate to the climate and length of the adventure.

There are no guarantees that it will work in all cases and it is no substitute for careful planning, common sense, and a good map and compass.

If you push the 911 button to be rescued, you are responsible for all related costs of that effort. (Note: In some circumstances insurance can be purchased).

For more information, see the manufacturer's web site.

Rental package includes the unit and User Guide. There are no service subscriptions or other additional fees you have to pay to fully utilize its features.

Call us to ask any questions.

*Taxes extra